Publication Week #1!

We’re just three days out from the UK publication date of A Burnable Book, which will appear on January 30 from HarperCollins, and on February 18 from HarperCollins/William Morrow here in the U.S. (If you haven’t read anything about the book yet, you can look at this week’s post on KillerReads and this blog post from last year.) I’ve been thrilled with the reception the novel has received in the pre-publication trades and press, including a nice write-up by  in The Sunday Times of London and a Starred Review in Publisher’s Weekly. It’s social media saturation time, too, with lots of activity on Facebook and Twitter, and my official author page should be live later this week. I’ll have a national book tour starting the week after the US launch, with stops in New York, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Boulder, Chapel Hill, Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington DC, and several other places, and I’m busily writing up guest posts and interviews for blogs, magazines, and on-line forums, including a piece for Slate co-written with Simon Vance, the narrator of the US audiobook.

During all of this flurry of pre-pub activity I’ve felt truly and deeply blessed by the good wishes and kind words of friends old and new. I remember the moment in May 2012 when I got the call from my brilliant agent, Helen Heller, telling me we had an offer: I was ironing a shirt (something I do about twice a year) in a hotel room in Kalamazoo, Michigan prior to my panel at the International Congress on Medieval Studies. Weeping, screaming, and disbelieving followed–and now, over eighteen months later, The Thing Itself is about to shake into life. Nerves are on edge, even canine nerves, for despite her unconditional love, the harshest of critics disapproves of all the medieval obscenity and moral ambivalence that somehow crept into the book (see above). But she’s deep into the story and loves the maudlyns, and all the stuff about cheese and meat. I hope you will too, and thanks to everyone for the support and good wishes as A Burnable Book makes its way into the world!


7 comments on “Publication Week #1!

  1. b. hickey on said:

    Come to Victoria…great literary crowd here…..even Alice Munro….and lots of Colonial “experts” alive and well….also a large Wiccan community….that is mainstream…..
    Enjoy the adventures, savour the moments.

    Do another online course….

    • Bruce Holsinger on said:

      Would love to come! No Canada plans yet, alas, but my agent is in Toronto so I definitely want to get up there before too long for a reading or two…

    • Mido on said:

      Wonderful, Buttercup love how you’re telling a tale of the game you’re payling in a way that travels! (That made sense in my head). You’re right about the camera too took me three days to work out how to use it though!

  2. Dawn Reno Langley on said:

    Bruce — I(f you get into North Carolina, please let me know. Our college would love to have you — or, on the converse, I would love to come to the reading/booksigning and meet you in person.
    Dawn Reno Langley (from your historical fiction Coursera class)

  3. Rena Youngblood on said:

    Can you send a link to your speaking schedule? I can’t seem to find it. I thought I remembered hearing about one at UVA but can’t find the details. Thanks. Looking forward to an engaging and fun read!

  4. DorothyMathews on said:

    Do please consider offering your medieval mysteries course on Coursera.

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