Burning Questions: Interviews

Here you will find interviews with a range of writers and other figures from the world of books–academics, novelists, editors, you name it–talking about a variety of subjects from many points of view.  Visit this blog’s YouTube channel to see the split-screen interviews in one place.  Suggestions for future interview subjects are always welcome and may be sent to me by clicking here.

Burning Question #5: Why historians should write fiction: A conversation with Ian Mortimer

Burning Questions #4: What is a book to a biologist? Chris Howe on the biogenetics of the book

Burning Questions #3: Stephanie Trigg on the Order of the Garter, medievalism, and ‘vulgar history’

Burning Questions #2: Katherine Howe on research, writing, and the novelist as ‘culture worker’

Burning Questions #1: Paul Strohm on Chaucer, biography…and haircuts