Marketing Strategy Evolution

Content marketing has been in existence from time immemorial. Renowned brands have a history of the evolution of their marketing strategies. ‘History repeats itself’ some of the old methods are currently being used but with the integration of technology and industrialization techniques. Industrialization and technological era have brought about drastic changes in the way publishers, writers and scholars portray their works. The old school method skipped the standard sales procedure. Uptake was low, though it enhanced customer loyalty. The second era was characterized by the mass production of content where new writers joined the league, this increased demand for content and old brand had to incorporate the changing techniques to stay relevant in the market. The third phase was the advertising every brand had to be creative to increase their presence in the flooded market. The last stage is digital marketing.

Pre-industrialization era

In this era, there were very few brands and they concentrated on providing content to already existing customers. The brands mainly reached self-optimization levels and there was no major marketing process. Each brand had defined their niches and customers; to reach the target audience proved an uphill task due to poor infrastructural developments. The monopoly of experienced publishers frustrated new writers due to fear of competition. Government policies also hindered the growth of content marketing. You had to pass through renowned publishers to get your work to the audience and this became too expensive. The emergence of technology made the industry take a whole new turn resulting to the second stage.

Production era

This was era between 1985 and 1930. During this time, new brands came up and their aim was to focus on production of content on different niches neglected by the old brands. It was automatic there was a market for their content since everyone wanted to have an idea in any of the relevant fields. Old brands had no option but to include some of the topics to compete with the new content in the market. This rose to a sharp rise in high-quality content and availability of information, the only challenge was access to information to the relevant market.

Analog marketing era

This was the era of competition. There was a scramble for the market as a result, consumers benefitted from accurate and relevant information. Content managers had no option but to resort to advertising as a way of convincing the consumers to buy their information. The advertising platform saw a rise in sales, due to the scramble for advertising space. Radio and TV advertisement was the norm.

Digital marketing era

This is the modern content marketing strategy characterized by advanced technology, which has seen the rise in access to information globally. Some of the old brands had to restructure their operations to include the current advertising platforms like Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool, social media platforms, and other online marketing tools. There are many CRM to choose from that would definitely fit your needs(ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Ontraport, Mailchimp). So have you asked yourself “go with infusionsoft? Or Convertkit?”, Like what you can find in here: so better check reviews and get the deep analysis of Ontraport or other CRM tools.

The marketing evolution strategy has taken about 120 years to its current state. Industrialization and technological advancement have played a big role to the sharp dynamism in the content production and accessibility.evolution12