How Pool Vacuum Started

Swimming pools are prone to get dirty. This is because their floors are tiled and show dirt more easily. At the same time, you can’t wipe away the dirt without draining the pool. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a machine that automatically cleaned your pool for you? Thankfully, there is. The automatic pool vacuum is just that. It sucks away all the dirt and filthy elements from your pool. What’s more, it works with the water present. It cleans the water that’s in the pool, along with the floors and the walls.

Most people would believe that the machine like this which can completely clean a pool must be a very recent invention. However, they’ve been around for quite some time. They have a long and unique history that delves deep into entrepreneurial thinking and human craftsmanship.

There were three inventions that the pool cleaner evolved from. The first is the water filter. As the name suggests this allowed water to pass through but not dirt-sized particles. As a result, water that’s run through a water filter is free from any visually detectable impurities. The second fact that must be understood is that people didn’t really have pools in their homes until very recently. At most, they would have a cistern that would be used to store and harvest rainwater. It would also be used for the occasional swim. And Lastly, the pool heater(  is very important that time, especially with the cold weather.

The precursor to the pool cleaner was the cistern cleaner. This contraption would scrape and sweep the bottom of cisterns and tanks to rid the water in the cistern of any impurities. It was pretty effective at what it did and was widely used. Over the next two decades, its design and functionality were improved and optimized.

With the coming of the 20th century, swimming pools became much more people and were considered fashionable to have. It became necessary to devise an invention that would clean these larger spaces that had water in them. Early models of what are known today as pool vacuum cleaners drew a lot of inspiration from the cistern cleaners of earlier. It wasn’t until 1937 that a true innovation was developed. In that year, a pool cleaner that used suction as its working principle was invented. It was called a suction-side pool cleaner. This changed the pool cleaner market forever. These new designs were much more efficient as well as easier to operate.

An automatic variety of it was launched a few years later. This machine could clean away the scum and dirt from the pool with minimum human direction required.

A few years later, the next innovation was developed. The first robotic pool cleaner was patented in 1967. This machine was the first pool vacuum cleaner that was electronic in nature and operated on electricity.

The last change that pool cleaning technology saw came out in 1972. That year, the pressure-side pool cleaner was introduced. It was the first of its kind that could traverse the floor of a pool in random patterns. This was beneficial since it dislodged dirt that would be difficult to remove otherwise.